5 Best Lawn Sweepers: Both Push and Tow Behind

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Your lawn or yard is probably the most cherished part of your property.

A part of the reason is that it’s lush and beautiful and gives your children and pets ample space to play around.

Plus, it’s a nice outdoor space where you can have fun get-togethers and family parties like summer BBQs or your children’s birthday parties.

However, there’s a lot that goes into making sure that your lawn looks perfect.

Sweeping is crucial to keeping your landscape looking neat, clean, and splendid!

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However, lawn sweeping through a traditional method such as raking can be time-consuming, which is why it is better to invest in a modern lawn sweeper.

A high-quality lawn sweeper helps in lawn cleanup tasks; it helps you get rid of autumn leaves, grass clippings, twigs, needles, cones (and the list goes on) in one clean sweep.

There are several things to look for when purchasing your first lawn sweeper.

This comprehensive lawn sweeper review will give you a good idea of the top-rated lawn sweepers.  

We’re sure that by the end of this guide, you will be clear on the best lawn sweeper for you.

Winner – Agri-Fab 26-Inch Black Lawn Sweeper

AGRI-FAB 26-INCH BLACK LAWN SWEEPER - One Of The Best Lawn Sweepers

Featured Specs

  • Type: Push Lawn Sweeper
  • Size: 26 inches
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Bin capacity: 7 cu. Ft.


The Agri-Fab 26-Inch Black Lawn Sweeper lets you have the lawn of your dreams.

It helps you have a lush and weed-free lawn in a flash – all thanks to its lightweight design and excellent performance.

Cleaning a lawn may seem like nothing less than a back-breaking chore, but with this lawn sweeper, the task becomes 10 times easier.

Whether you’re cleaning pine needles and cones or clearing up autumn leaves, using the Agri-Fab will make the heavy task a breeze.

Due to its lightweight nature, the sweeper is easy to handle and move around. 

Plus, this lawn sweeper will last for multiple seasons due to its sturdy and durable components.

With a combination of the polypropylene fabric and zinc-plated frame, the sweeper is built to last for years.

Other than this, the lawn sweeper is also quite easy to store away, saving a lot of space in your storage.


Frequent buyers often complain that the hopper feels heavy once it is full.

This may be the only problem when using this lawn sweeper; else, it is a pretty well-functional machine. 

Extra Features

The push lawn sweeper comes with adjustable height settings. With a properly adjusted height, you can haul as much debris as possible in a single sweep.

Plus, the lawn sweeper has flat-free wheels that enable you to freely move the sweeper in whatever direction you want.

The collapsible hopper bag comes with a large capacity, approximately 7 cu. Ft. It accumulates all kinds of waste and stores it with ease.

Once the bag is full, you can easily empty it, making it ready for the next use. This saves a lot of time and effort. 

The bag is built from high-quality material and captures a lot of lawn dirt and debris such as twigs, cones, leaves, grass cuttings, etc.

With this easy-to-use sweeper, it is quite convenient to dispose of the debris from the hopper bag in no time.

Buying Advice

The Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper is the best lawn pull behind lawn sweeper on the list. With its lightweight design and efficient performance, the sweeper never fails to impress its customers.

The lawn sweeper has everything a great sweeper is built to have. It allows for easy handling and movement.

With this sweeper, it won’t take long to clear your lawn of all kinds of dirt and debris. In fact, you will enjoy sweeping your lawn with this tool.

It is indeed worth every penny!

Runner Up – Scotts 25-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper Review

Featured Specs

  • Type: Push Lawn Sweeper
  • Size: 25 inches
  • Material:  Plastic
  • Bin capacity: A large 3.6-bushel bag


The smart model from Scotts Outdoor Power Tools is a lawn sweeper option that will allow you to collect all sorts of debris lying around your lawn.

With this tool by your side, you will clear up your lawn in minimal passes.

Thanks to its medium width, the lawn sweeper is ideal for small or medium lawns or yards.

The body is made from lightweight plastic, and other parts are made using long-lasting steel.

This makes the tool durable and easy to use at all times.

The 3.6-bushel bag allows you to gather almost 90% of the debris in just one pass.

The sweeper also features height adjustment that comes in handy when clearing up the lawn.

You can raise the height of the sweeper when it is brimming with debris and becomes difficult to move.

By increasing the height of the lawn sweeper, the tool not only will become easy to maneuver but will also collect a lot of clippings, bush trimmings, leaves, and other debris.


The Scotts Push Lawn Sweeper has quite a few drawbacks.

First of all, the wheels are made from cheap plastic.

Due to this, the sweeper may not co-operate when moving on a bumpy or an uneven surface.

Since the hamper material is made from light fabric, it may feel fragile and easily breakable.

Extra Features

The sweeper is distinctively known for being a leaf and grass clipping sweeper.

Owing to its rotating brushes that come in three durable spinning sets, the sweeper grabs leaves and other waste in one pass.

You can also change the height of the sweeper by using the dial mechanism.

All you have to do is turn the knob around and adjust the height.

This step makes your lawn sweeping process quick and efficient. 

Another amazing feature of the sweeper is an empty and spacious bushel hopper.

It is made of sturdy, weather-resistant material that is lightweight and stays dry in all seasons.

It sustains even the heaviest of the heavy lawn waste and lasts for years.

If you’re on a tight budget and need a sweeper at an affordable price range, this one is what you should definitely go for.

Buying Advice

The Scotts Lawn Sweeper offers a simple yet effective way to de-clutter your lawn or yard.

If you have a small or narrow lawn, this tool will work perfectly well.

Its lightweight body allows for easy movement; even your kids can participate in the task of cleaning the lawn.

Unlike conventional lawn sweepers, this one is light enough to fold, which means that you can easily store it in a shed.

If you’re planning on buying this sweeper, make sure to use it with care.

Since the body is all made from polypropylene fabric, it is susceptible to UV damage.

Alternatives Earthwise 21-Inch Leaf and Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Review

Featured Specs

  • Type: Push Lawn Sweeper
  • Size: 21 inches
  • Material:  Plastic
  • Bin capacity: A large 3.6-bushel bag


The Earthwise 21-Inch Leaf and Grass Push Lawn Sweeper offers effective lawn raking and sweeping.

With this tool, you will save a lot of time and energy.

In just one sweep, you’ll get rid of the majority of waste lying around your lawn or yard.

The job of sweeping becomes easier, thanks to the long and wide brushes of the Earthwise lawn sweeper.

The garden tool is quite versatile too. Other than being used to clean lawns, you can use this item to clean up your sidewalks, patios, and even driveways.

The grass sweeper has an ideal size and shape and can easily be maneuvered in tight or narrow spaces.

The versatile tool is also multi-functional and can be used to collect different kinds of wastes.

All of this can be accumulated in its sizeable 3.6-bushel bucket.

The push lawn sweeper includes a 90-day warranty. If, in any case, you’re not satisfied with the item, you can get it exchanged or fully refunded.


This 21-inch lawn sweeper is perfect in its design and performance.

However, the tool may be a source of slight inconvenience as you will have to assemble it if you want to use it.

But there is nothing to worry about as the model comes with an instruction manual and is easy to set up as a result.

Extra Features

The most noticeable feature of the yard sweeper is its two large brushes.

These brushes are great for raking leaves, grass clippings, and debris with little to no hassle.

The sweeper also has adjustable height control so you can easily tailor the sweeper according to your preference.

The up-front dial-in height adjuster makes it easier to change the sweeper’s height – with this sweeper, what usually takes a few minutes can be done in a matter of seconds!

 In addition to the adjustable height controller, the tool comes with adjustable sweeping depth as well.

You can change the sweep depth depending on your terrain and grass height.

All of this can easily be done with an accessible knob.

The 21-inch sweeper also comes with an easily removable waste bag.

It can store a large amount of debris without being too heavy.

Once the collection bag is full, it is super easy to dispose of the debris.

When not in use, the garden sweeper can easily be stored in your garage.

You can simply hang the cleaning tool in your garage wall with its durable hook.

This storage method will help maximize your garage space to a great extent.

Buying Advice

The leaf and grass lawn sweeper is a brilliant option in several ways.

It is easy to push, has a large bushel hopper, and, most important of all, it is adjustable.

All of this makes the item more efficient and convenient to use.

If this is your first time buying a lawn sweeper, this one won’t disappoint you at all.

In fact, it is great for beginners.

Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper Review

Featured Specs

  • Type: Push Lawn Sweeper
  • Size: 42 inches
  • Material:  polypropylene
  • Bin capacity: A  26 cu. Ft. polypropylene bag


This is the most powerful lawn sweeper on this list.

With a 42-inch sweeping width, this is one of the largest residential lawn sweepers out there.

The model boasts an epic size and is ideal for big lawns, yards, and gardens. And that’s not all – the tool comes with a huge hopper as well.

No matter how messy your lawn is, the Ohio Steel Pro will sweep away all the waste – from leaves to cones to needles to grass clippings and whatnot.

The sweeper is easy to assemble and can be done single-handedly thanks to the clear and direct manual that the model comes with.

Other than this, the hopper is a dream to work with.

Its high performance is incredible and speedily collects all sorts of debris with no struggle at all.

As heavy duty lawn sweepers go, this sweeper is easy to move around, especially on rougher surfaces, and still provides the desired results.


Even though the majority of customers prefer the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper, there are quite a few that aren’t too pleased with the model.

Some customers complain that some parts of the tool show signs of wear and tear from its limited use.

The hopper may leave small holes when overloaded with debris.

This garden sweeper is also slightly expensive, so if you’re on a shoestring budget, this tool may not be the best option for you.

Plus, the sweeper is best for wider spaces.

If you have a small lawn, the Ohio Steel Pro lawn sweeper may be slightly extra.

Extra Features

The large sweeping tool is distinctively known for its 42-inch sweeping width and a whopping 26 cubic foot capacity hopper.

Due to its size and capacity, clearing up your big lawn is nothing but a walk in the park.

 The lawn sweeper features a heavy-duty steel body and 11-inch coiled brushes that are built to last for seasons.

They are designed from strong and long-lasting polypropylene that soldiers all sorts of damages.

There is also a “no-slip” height adjustment that maintains the brush setting and remains in position.

 The tool also features a remarkable 4.5 to 1 brush wheel turning ratio that helps make quick and sharp turns when cleaning up the lawn.

Its super-wide 9-inch chute prevents potential wheel clogging.

Buying Advice

Despite how filthy your lawn is, the Ohio sweeper will pick up everything instantly.

It has a unique design and ensures efficient performance.

If you have a big lawn, then the Ohio Steel Pro Sweep is the perfect option to go for.

Best Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Winner : Yard Commander 42 Inches Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Yard Commander 42 Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper Review

Featured Specs

  • Type: Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper
  • Size: 42 inches
  • Material:  polypropylene
  • Bin capacity: 12.9 cu. Ft.


This tow behind lawn sweeper can be used by connecting it to any lawn tractor, ATV, or UTV, after which, you can commence with the task of cleaning the lawn.

This sweeper is the best pick for large lawns. It has an easy and convenient design that also ensures hassle-free operation.

The lawn sweeper helps you save hours of your time and a lot of effort, and leaves your lawn looking immaculate.

The excellent brush design is compatible with a collapsible hopper bag that is also great for storage.

The sweeper operates well on a variety of terrains – all thanks to its giant wheels!


Some users complain that it takes time to assemble the parts.

Some of them have also reported that the sweeper is quite heavy and is difficult to maneuver around the lawn.

Extra Features

The yard commander has many notable features, starting with a 12.9 cubic foot nylon hopper that can carry all sorts of debris (leaves, twigs, cones, etc).

Its razor-like and well-built 10.5-inch rubber wheels allow you to make sharp and smooth turns across your lawn.

All of this makes the cleaning-out process a lot easier and quicker than expected.

Due to the rust-resistant powder coat finish, the tool is meant to be durable and long-lasting.

It also features a cross brush design and four pieces of brushes, making it easier to sweep debris off the surface of your lawn.

The hopper swiftly accumulates all the waste until you dispose of it in the bin.

Buying Advice

The yard commander is used wonderfully for all types of lawns – small, huge, narrow, etc. 

With four brushes installed, the tool swiftly collects dried grass and leaves to give your lawn a fresher look.

Go for the yard commander if you’re looking for a fun, stress-free lawn cleanup.

Lawn Sweeper FAQs

Lawn Sweeper FAQ

Do Lawn Sweepers Work?

If you have a big lawn and you are not fond of frequent lawn cleanups, then lawn sweepers can come in handy.

They help you clear your lawn of all the rubbish or remains that may accumulate on it over time.

It is a great choice because it saves you plenty of time, energy, and not to mention muscle aches!  

 Lawn sweepers not only work well, but they also help pick up a wide variety of common residential wastes, including twigs, acorn, pine cones, leaves, etc.

Do Lawn Sweepers Pick Up Grass Clippings?

Of course, they do. Also, they’re more efficient when the grass clippings are all tangled and overgrown.

When you spot large clumps developing on the grass, it is a sign that the grass needs to be cleaned up with a lawn sweeper.

What Is a Lawn Sweeper Used for?

Also known as a leaf sweeper, a lawn sweeper is best used for collecting lawn debris, such as leaves.

In addition to leaves, a lawn sweeper helps sweep up other accumulated lawn waste such as cut grass, acorns, twigs, pine needles, and even objects like a small ball, bottle, pen, etc.

In other words, a leaf sweeper assists in cleaning up your lawn and making it appear clean and neat.

How Do You Get Stripes on Your Lawn?

striping your lawn

Lawn stripes are a beautiful landscape feature that is not hard to create. You will need a high-quality mower to ensure perfect-looking green stripes.

Begin by mowing the grass in a straight line.

If you have a rectangular lawn or yard, then mowing a basic straight stripe will be easier.

Try not to waver and stay in one direction. A better option is to start mowing the grass from one end of the lawn to another.

When you finish striping one part, lift the mower slightly and move it to another position and repeat.

Conclusion On The Best Lawn Sweepers

After mowing the lawn, the next big step is clearing up the lawn to make it neat and beautiful again.

While there are many fantastic lawn sweepers on the market, we suggest you pick one from this list to ensure a safe and efficient lawn cleanup experience.