Here’s My Story

Mick Perkins

My name is Mick Perkins, and for the longest time, I’ve been managing peoples’ lawns for them.

I was twelve, and knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

It started out with twenty dollars worth of printer paper and ink, and a stapler.

I went around putting my services out there, and worked my tail off for the summer.

I did this on weekends and during vacations all the time.

Eventually, in high school, I had ten of my friends working for me, and I was making medium five figures before I ever received a diploma.

The point is: I know my way around a lawn. I know how to landscape like nobody’s business.

I’m in Los Angeles, and you will not find pickier people than LA folk when it comes to their lawn care.

I now operate lawn care businesses in the area, and continue to expand.

It’s taught me a lot, especially since I’m still out there doing the yard work with the boys every time I have the opportunity.

From edging to grass health, placing new turf to manicuring an expensive and well-kept lawn, I’ve had to do it all.

I’ve had ride-ons stuck in sand dunes, nursed brown, patchy lawn back to health, and I’ve even overseen the successful planting of fruit trees and some crops (I’ve kept those prim and proper as well).

Now it’s your turn. You’ve got a lawn, and you want to make it look out of this world.

You want it to be better than your neighbor Ted’s lawn, and you want him to know it.

Let’s learn the ins and outs of proper lawn care equipment together, as well as guides on how to manicure your lawn, what to look for in plant health, and how to keep it moving.